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Contact Awards Coordinator Abbi Martzall via email or by phone 317/927-8000, ext. 210.

Awards & Honors Committee Chair

Andy Schotz
City editor
The Frederick News-Post
Frederick, Md.
Bio (click to expand) picture Andy Schotz is a city editor for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Md.

He has been an SPJ member since 2002 and has held various positions on the Washington, D.C., Pro chapter board, including three consecutive one-year terms as president.

He served on the SPJ Ethics Committee from 2004 to 2011, including three years as chairman.

Schotz ran unsuccessfully for at-large director on the national SPJ board in 2012. The following year, he ran unopposed for Region 2 director.

He is a perennial SPJ contest judge (D.C. Pro Dateline Awards, SDX, Mark of Excellence, Green Eyeshade, high school essay) and has twice coordinated Region 2's Mark of Excellence contest.

He joined the SPJ Awards & Honors Committee in 2013 and helped work on a national survey seeking feedback about the MOE contest.

Before joining The Gazette in January 2013, Schotz worked for eight years as a reporter and editor at The Altamont Enterprise, a weekly paper in upstate New York, then for 13 years as a reporter for The Herald-Mail, a daily paper in Hagerstown, Md. He has worked at The Frederick News-Post since September 2015.

He is on the board of directors of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors.

Sarah Bauer, vice chair
Program Director
Minnesota Newspaper Association
Bio (click to expand) Sarah Bauer is the Program Director for the Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA). MNA is the trade association all Minnesota Newspapers, and represents the interests of more than 360 daily and weekly publications. Bauer plans all educational and outreach programs for the Association, including hands-on training for journalists, public forums on media issues, an annual excellence in journalism contest, and its annual convention.

Bauer speaks regularly about media ethics issues, community journalism, social media, and issues like the intersection of journalism and politics. Bauer graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in journalism and philosophy. She has been involved with the Society of Professional Journalists as member and chapter leader since she joined the University of Minnesota’s chapter. Since 2006, Bauer has served on the MN Pro chapter board of directors, currently serving as the chapter president and chair of its annual journalism award contest and banquet. She is also the chairwoman of the Society’s national membership committee.

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2001 Mark of Excellence
Region 11 Winners/Finalists

Newspapers | Magazines | Photography | Radio | Television | Online


Editorial Writing
Winner: Jonathan Aiken and staff, University of California-Riverside, "The Highlander",
— Second Place: Daily Bruin editorial board, UCLA, "Daily Bruin",
— Third Place: Ashlea Deahl, Arizona State, State Press

Editorial Cartooning
Winner: Jack Acayan, Southwestern College Sun, "Freedom", Southwestern College
— Second Place: Neal Garcia, Southwestern College Sun, "Mom! Dad! I'm going to school", Southwestern College
— Third Place: John Ruiz, California State University-Northridge, Daily Sun Dial

General Column Writing
Winner: Ben Berk, Southwestern College Sun, "U.S. Must Go Hard After Terrorists and Supporters"
— Second Place: Christina Colp, Los Angeles Loyolan, "Valley Dreamin'"
— Third Place: Seth Scott, Arizona State University State Press, "Mayoral Race Tainted"

Sports Column Writing
Winner: Larry LeDoux, Hawaii Pacific University, "Out of Bounds"
— Second Place: Robert B. Bordner, Azusa Pacific University
— Third Place: Jeff Janssens, Loyola Marymount University, "Olympic Platinum"

Spot News Reporting
Winner: M. Richards, R. Salonga, K. Albrecht and M. Falcone, UCLA Daily Bruin
— Second Place: Jessica Fellman and Carlos Medina, Southwestern College Sun, "College Caught in Shadow Tragedy"

General News Reporting
Winner: Karla Rhodes, Southwestern College Sun, "College May Change Apache Mascot to Jaguars"
— Second Place: Scott B. Wong, Robert Salonga, UCLA Daily Bruin
— Third Place: Carolyn Marie Lucas, Chico State University, The Orion, "UPD can search, seize without warrant"

Newspaper In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Kelly Rayburn, UCLA Daily Bruin, "Student Housing"
— Second Place: Kiele Akana-Gooch, University of Hawaii-Manoa, "Hawaiian Programs to Get $1.5 million"
— Third Place: Cristi Hegranes, Loyola Marymount University, "Campus Drinking Survey Shows Need For More Effective Solutions"

Newspaper Feature Writing
Winner: Keri Mudrall, San Francisco State University, "Not Complete Failure"
— Second Place: Matt Riddle, University of Nevada-Reno, "UNR Grad Glimpsed Afghanistan Before The War"
— Third Place: Jesse Johnson, University of Nevada-Reno, "Chartering The Future"

Sports Writing
Winner: Carlos Medina, Southwestern College, "Stepping Back To Move Ahead"
— Second Place: Tania Holm, San Francisco State University Express, "Pool gets fixed, swim team left out to dry."
— Third Place: Robert B. Bordner, Azusa Pacific University, "Trying to Keep the Priorities of the Almighty"

Newspaper Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
Winner: UCLA Daily Bruin, UCLA

Best Non-Daily Student Newspaper (Published 2 to 4 times per week)
Winner: Daily Sun Dial, Cal. State-Northridge
— Second Place: State Press, Arizona State University

Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper Newspaper (published less than twice a week)
Winner: The Orion, California State University-Chico
— Second Place: Golden Gate Express, San Francisco State University
— Third Place: The Santa Clara, Santa Clara University

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Non-Fiction Magazine Article
Winner: Michelle Beaver, State Press Magazine, Arizona State University, "An Exercise in Fertility"
— Second Place: Magda Liszewska, Tusk, California State University-Fullerton, "To Hell and Back"
— Third Place: Alisha Rosas, Laverne Magazine, University of LaVerne, "The Man Behind The Camera"

Best Student Magazine published once a year
Winner: Tusk Magazine, California State University, Fullerton

Best All-Around Magazine
Winner: State Press Magazine, Arizona State University, Stephen Paterik, editor
— Second Place: Golden Gate Express, San Francisco State University
— Third Place: Laverne Magazine, University of Laverne

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Spot News Photography
Winner: Mike Nagle, San Francisco State University

General News Photography
Winner: Mike Nagle, San Francisco State University
— Second Place: Mike Chien, UCLA, "Candlelight"
— Third Place: Michael Ross Wacht, UCLA Daily Bruin, "Relief"

Feature Photography
Winner: Lucian Read, San Francisco State, "New York Aftermath"
— Second Place: Bridget O'Brien, UCLA Daily Bruin, "A Community Mourns"
— Third Place: Kevin Bell, Humboldt State University, "Artist Brighten Plaza"

Photo Illustration
Winner: Deanna Ruiz, San Francisco State University, "Civil Liberties For Some"

Sports Photography
Winner: Mike Curran, Arizona State University, State Press, "Wildcats Maul Sun Devils"

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Radio Spot News
No award given.

Radio Feature
Winner: Diana Hooker, California State University-Northridge, "Ecstasy"
— Second Place: Jeremy Davis, California State University-Northridge, "Mormon Missionaries"
— Third Place: Jessica Angellio, California State University-Northridge, "Fire Department Wellness Program"

In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Karla Hernandez, California State University-Northridge, "Date Rape," KCNS News
— Second Place: Desiree Woodman, California State University-Northridge, "Montessori School"
— Third Place: Angela Powell, California State University-Northridge, "CSUN Child Care Center"
— Honorable Mention: Maria Pirro, California State University-Northridge, "Stalking"

Sports Reporting
Winner: Erin L. Coleman, University of Laverne, KULV, "Women's Volleyball Championship"
— Second Place: Lisa Medel, California State University-Northridge, KCNS News, "Skateboard Park"
— Third Place: David Carillo, California State University-Northridge, "Laker Playoffs"

Daily Newscast
Winner: KULV, University of Laverne

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Television Spot News Reporting
Winner: Brent Kocal, Arizona State University, "Suicide Attempt"

Television General News Reporting
Winner: Lakesha Yvette Walker, San Jose State University, "Child"
— Second Place: Brian Tong, San Jose State University, "Homeless"

Television Feature
Winner (tie): Daniel Aviles, University of La Verne, "Daniel Obregon"
Winner (tie): Troy Barrett, Arizona State University, "Surplus Property"

— Second Place: Brodie Brazil, San Jose State University, "Pearl Harbor"
— Third Place: Brodie Brazil, San Jose State University, "Crossing Guard"

Television In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Sally McDonald, Arizona State University, "Train Grade Safety"
— Second Place: Nicci Mizer, Arizona State University, "Mobile Plant Flap"
— Third Place: Jen Boden, Arizona State University, "Homeless School"

Television Sports Reporting
Winner: Jeff Lasky, Arizona State University, "ASU Runners"
— Second Place: Dan Dubany, Arizona State University, "Fanatic Fan"
— Third Place: James Morrison, University of La Verne, "ULV Football vs. Occidental"

Television News Photography
Winner: Jay Dils, Arizona State University, "Train Grade Safety"

Television Feature Photography
Winner: Daniel Aviles & Enrique Gutierrez, University of La Verne, "Plato's Cavern"
— Second Place: Troy Barrett, Arizona State University, "Singing Bus Driver"

Television Sports Photography
Winner: Dan Bubany, Arizona State University, "Fanatic Fan"

Television Daily Newscast
Winner: "Annenberg TV News March 20, 2001," Eric Detwiler, producer; Shashank Bengali, executive producer; Jessica Chang & Lauren Braune, associate producers, University of Southern California

Television Non-Daily Newscast
Winner: "Update News (12-09-01)," San Jose State University

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Online Spot News Reporting
Winner: "Election 2001," Golden Gate Express Online, San Francisco State University
— Second Place: "U.S. Recovering After Terrorist Attack," UCLA Daily Bruin
— Third Place: "Dean Slater to Leave,", Jesse Johnson, Karly Imus, Becky Bosshart, University of Nevada-Reno

Online General News Reporting
Winner: Julie Acosta, San Francisco State University, "What to Believe"
— Second Place: Jesse Johnson, University of Nevada-Reno, "Tears and Adrenaline

Online Feature Reporting
Winner: Dave Jesse, San Francisco State, "Three Hours at Ground Zero"
— Second Place: Michael Ferraresi, Arizona State, State Press, "Army Hero Still Making A Difference"

Online In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Becky Bosshart, University of Nevada-Reno, "The Status of Ethnic Women at the University"
— Second Place: Christine Wong, San Francisco State University, "Environmental Racism"
— Third Place: Becky Bosshart, University of Nevada-Reno, "The Church of Much Dispute"

Online Sports Reporting
Winner: Michael A. Ferraresi, Arizona State University, "Cats Stomp On Devils"
— Second Place: Jeremy Harmes, San Francisco State University, "Cowboys Thrill Grand National Rodeo Fans At Cow Palace"

Online Opinion and Commentary
No award given.

Best All-Around Online Student Newspaper
Winner: ASU Web Devil, Arizona State University, Seth Scott, editor
— Second Place: Daily Bruin Online, UCLA
— Third Place: The Daily Titan Interactive, California State-Fullerton

Best All-Around Online Student Magazine
Winner: Golden Gate Express, San Francisco State
— Second Place: Tusk Magazine, California State University-Fullerton

Best All-Around Online Student Broadcast Station
No award given.

Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication
Winner: Zephyr, University of Nevada-Reno
— Second Place: No award given.
— Third Place: The Humboldt Travel Journal, Humboldt State University

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