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Contact Awards Coordinator Abbi Martzall via email or by phone 317/927-8000, ext. 210.

Awards & Honors Committee Chair

Andy Schotz
City editor
The Frederick News-Post
Frederick, Md.
Bio (click to expand) picture Andy Schotz is a city editor for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick, Md.

He has been an SPJ member since 2002 and has held various positions on the Washington, D.C., Pro chapter board, including three consecutive one-year terms as president.

He served on the SPJ Ethics Committee from 2004 to 2011, including three years as chairman.

Schotz ran unsuccessfully for at-large director on the national SPJ board in 2012. The following year, he ran unopposed for Region 2 director.

He is a perennial SPJ contest judge (D.C. Pro Dateline Awards, SDX, Mark of Excellence, Green Eyeshade, high school essay) and has twice coordinated Region 2's Mark of Excellence contest.

He joined the SPJ Awards & Honors Committee in 2013 and helped work on a national survey seeking feedback about the MOE contest.

Before joining The Gazette in January 2013, Schotz worked for eight years as a reporter and editor at The Altamont Enterprise, a weekly paper in upstate New York, then for 13 years as a reporter for The Herald-Mail, a daily paper in Hagerstown, Md. He has worked at The Frederick News-Post since September 2015.

He is on the board of directors of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors.

Sarah Bauer, vice chair
Program Director
Minnesota Newspaper Association
Bio (click to expand) Sarah Bauer is the Program Director for the Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA). MNA is the trade association all Minnesota Newspapers, and represents the interests of more than 360 daily and weekly publications. Bauer plans all educational and outreach programs for the Association, including hands-on training for journalists, public forums on media issues, an annual excellence in journalism contest, and its annual convention.

Bauer speaks regularly about media ethics issues, community journalism, social media, and issues like the intersection of journalism and politics. Bauer graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in journalism and philosophy. She has been involved with the Society of Professional Journalists as member and chapter leader since she joined the University of Minnesota’s chapter. Since 2006, Bauer has served on the MN Pro chapter board of directors, currently serving as the chapter president and chair of its annual journalism award contest and banquet. She is also the chairwoman of the Society’s national membership committee.

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2000 Mark of Excellence
Region 5 Winners/Finalists

Newspapers | Magazines | Photography | Radio | Television


Editorial Writing
Winner: Charlie Lanter, "Kuster's Silence," "Cloud of Secrecy," "Private Health Care," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Jim Gaines, "Police Weed," "No More Excuses," "Fee Hike," Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Jonathan Myerson Katz, "Al Gore," "No More Bull," "Napster," Northwestern

Editorial Cartooning
Winner: Alex Thomas, "Bush TV," "Foreign Policy," "Election Confusion," Northwestern

General Column Writing
Winner: Chris Edwards, Indiana Daily Student, "Halloween Loses Magic," "A New Great Depression," "The Wrong President," Indiana University
— Second Place: Jonathan Myerson Katz, The Daily Northwestern, Northwestern
— Third Place: Mattias Karen, College Heights Herald, "Administration Needs,""Name That," "Who Will Be," Western Kentucky

Sports Column Writing
Winner: Travis Mayo, "Diddle Questions," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Kyle Hightower, "Topper Coaches," Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Jerry Brewer, "This is what Felton, etc.," Western Kentucky

Spot News Reporting
Winner: Jessica Schaab, "Network Down," DePauw University
— Second Place: Dena Tackett, "Mighty Joe," Eastern Kentucky
— Third Place: Mattias Karen, "Baby Removed" Western Kentucky

General News Reporting
Winner: Ryan Clark, "Man's Death Remains Puzzle," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Mattias Karen, "Boat Owners Soured," Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Erin Chan, "Youth Voters," Northwestern

In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Eric Aasen, "The Greek Experience," DePauw University
— Second Place: Charlie Lanter, "Where's The Beef?", Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Peck Khian Yap, "Homelessness in Bloomington," Indiana University

Feature Writing
Winner: Corey Wilson, "Just Down the Dirt Road," Eastern Kentucky
— Second Place: Peck Khian Yap, "Ghosts of Vietnam," Indiana University
— Third Place: Jacob Bennett, "Finding Strength in the Dark," Western Kentucky

Sports Writing
Winner: Jerry Brewer, "The only ones," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Matt Richmond, "A Dying Breed," Columbia College

Best All-Around Daily Student Newspaper
Winner: Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University

Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper Newspaper
Winner: College Heights Herald, Shannon Back, Jerry Brewer, Charlie Lanter — editors. Western Kentucky
— Second Place: The Statesman, Michele Holt Kamp, Editor, Indiana State University
— Third Place: The DePauw, DePauw University

Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper Newspaper
Winner: Murray State News, Jason Yaks, editor, Murray State
— Second Place: Staff, IUPUI Sagamore , IUPUI
— Third Place: The Eastern Progress, Dena Tackett, editor, Eastern Kentucky

Best All-Around Online Student Newspaper Newspaper
Winner: Staff, Indiana Digital Student, Indiana University
— Second Place: Chronicle On-Line, Sal Barry, James Norman, Columbia College

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Non-Fiction Article Newspaper
Winner: Rachel Kipp, "World Music," Indiana University
— Second Place: Stacey Palevsky, "The Naked Truth," Indiana University
— Third Place: Beth Fuhrman, "A Matter of Conscience," Ball State University

Best Student Magazine published once a year
Winner: Chris Richert, Echo Magazine, Columbia College

Best Student Magazine published more than once a year
Winner: Staff, IQ Magazine Indiana State University
— Second Place: Expo Magazine, Cameran Erny — editor, Ball State University

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Spot News Photography
Winner: Kris Fassa, "GOP Convention," Indiana University
— Second Place: Tasos Katopodis, Columbia College
— Third Place: Rich Janzaruk, "Students Rip," Indiana University

General News Photography
Winner: H. Rick Mach, "Over and Out," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Jaclyn McCabe, "Too Many to Love," Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Bryan Van Der Beek, "Little 500," Indiana University

Feature Photography
Winner: Wendy Thompson, "Nothing to Lose," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: H. Rick Mach, "Serving Up Slop," Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Bill Manley, Columbia College

Photo Illustration
Winner: Cassandra Shie, "To Hill and Back," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Cassandra Shie, "What does your future hold?", Western Kentucky

Sports Photography
Winner: Wendi Thompson, "Hilltoppers Shut Out," Western Kentucky
— Second Place: Bill Manley, Columbia College
— Third Place: Rick Mach, "Fast: Lady Toppers," Western Kentucky

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Radio Spot News Reporting
Winner: Claudinette Swartz, "Live Phone-In, Lauren Beth Gash Election Night Party," Northwestern

Radio Feature
Winner: Jodie Shpritz, "Living With Diabetes," University of Illinois
— Second Place: Jennifer Johnson, "Finding A Job," Western Kentucky

Radio In-Depth Reporting
Winner: MarkGordon, Mike Lowe, "Prozac Profile," Northwestern
— Second Place: Newsroom, WNUR, "Election Special 2000," Northwestern
— Third Place: Mark Gordon, "Life After Death," Northwestern

Radio Sports Reporting
Winner: Darren Rovell- host and executive producer, MarkGordon-producer, "Mr. Mint: A Collector's Profile," Northwestern

Radio Daily Newscast
Winner: Lisa Hughes, "WHAS-WWHR Newscast," Western Kentucky

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Television Spot News Reporting
No awards given.

General News Reporting
Winner: Neil Simon, "Cheating Scandal," Northwestern
— Second Place: Jared Storck, "Normal's Parking Problems," Illinois State University

Television Feature
Winner: Joseph R. Whetsel, "Recovery," Ball State University
— Second Place: Jared Storck, "Construction Dangers," Illinois State University

Television In-Depth Reporting
Winner: Medill Broadcast Documentary Class, "Chicago News!", Northwestern
— Second Place: Kay Watson, "911 Controversy," Northwestern
— Third Place: Neil Simon, "Classroom Drinking," Northwestern

Television Sports Reporting
Winner: Adam Harris, Jared Storck, "Metamora Madness," Illinois State University
— Second Place: Adam Harris, "ISU Hockey," Illinois State University
— Third Place: Randall Parmley, "OVC Championship Preview," Western Kentucky

Television News Photography
No awards given.

Television Feature Photography
Winner: Joseph R. Whetsel, "Recovery," Ball State University
— Second Place: Noelle Bye, "Circus Elephants, Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Lisa M. Gibbs, "Absolute Body Piercing, Illinois State University

Television Sports Photography
No awards given.

Television Daily Newscast
Winner: James Shaw, "News Center 43," Ball State University

Television Non-Daily Newscast
Winner: Medill School of Journalism, "Northwestern Network News," Northwestern
— Second Place: WKU News Channel 12 staff, Western Kentucky
— Third Place: Yvonne Cappe, "JAT News," University of Kentucky

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